Important query from attorney for medical malpractice before hiring

The accident could take place anywhere at any time and to anyone, as we can’t predict future so therefore we cannot prophecies our accident. When an accident will going to take and what intense impact it will have on the bearer. So it our duty in our daily life to try preventing the causes of the accident as much as we can?

How can we stop accident taking place? The answer is very simple and could be well answered by a school boy/ girl of third or fourth standard, wherein their book it’s well mentioned what all steps and precaution that one must take to avoid accident each time. But it’s not always that you and I are held responsible for the accident, this could be fairly matter of chance and situation as anyone will be held accused or their will a co-incidence.

Apart from the rest of the cases that mention above and in our previous blogs, according to Preston Rezaee, there is always a way in which you can claim your insurance money from the different companies. Where you have been taking services or insurance for your property or even for your life and health. Preston Rezaee from almost decade have to be handling legal cases in Las Vegas and is also founder and editor chief of Vegas legal magazine which guide and generate awareness of all various accidental insurance claim.


Apart from different insurance cases medical malpractice act always not remains the keen interest of different attorney. Due to various legal procedure and formalities that are put in concern by the governing body which checks the matter of concern and health of the patient. But, if you are planning to hire an attorney for medical malpractice you must follow these question for sure:

  • That being a citizen of the different place or the medical malpractice being carried out by the doctor, other than your native place, then can you file a case of malpractice in your state or hometown? Or, can I file the case in either of the states?
  • Is there any tort reform law by your state that limits the amount that you could claim? Also, what are limits and criteria that are being improvised by the law against medical malpractice?
  • Some news like finding equipment that was left behind during operation that too found almost a month later. Or, diagnosis of mistake carried out during treatment a year ago, that is leading to health problem year after. Will there be any kind of time limit for filing a medical lawsuit?

With years of experience and practice Preston Rezaee has tried to turn all the situation and cases into challenges setting the milestone. Of the efforts which help his clients to file medical malpractice and get the lawful claim.


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